Haiku by Cat: Risk

  perfect vantage point / is worth the risk of cat fur / served to company #HaikuByCat #Haikusday #Micropoetry

Today’s haiku is by Dawn.

Dawn is sitting on the buffet that we use in our dining room. It’s where we serve the food when we have company and can’t fit everything on the table.

Funny thing, that buffet is a genuine Willett cherry buffet. Got it off of Craigslist years ago, when I was looking for bookcases, and I chanced upon this item. I’m a collector of things called Willett, even if they have nothing to do with family history—and the Consider H. Willett furniture company of Louisville, Kentucky has nothing to do with my family. 

My husband prefers another type Willett that hails from Kentucky: Willett Bourbon. Also, no relation. 

No, my Willett history can be traced back to a farm in Demarest, New Jersey, and beyond that, to New York, and beyond that, Russia. No furniture. No bourbon.

But Dawn doesn’t care. She just likes the vantage point, so she can keep an eye on things. And perhaps share a few cat hairs.

Where are your pet’s favorite places to hang out?

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2 Comments on "Haiku by Cat: Risk"

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    cat fur; dinner plates
    fur on clothez & in de foodz
    life az it shuld bee 🙂


  2. Jan says:

    A little cat fur is great seasoning.

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