Haiku by Cat: Repose

Haiku by Cat: comfort painted in / languid curves, cats have mastered / the art of reposeToday’s Haiku by Cat is by Calvin.

Places where cats are comfortable:

  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Blanket
  • Table
  • Box
  • Newspaper
  • Floor
  • Any surface they can curl, cram, drape, stretch, or otherwise lay their bodies.

Wherever they are, cats aren’t just comfortable. They exude tranquility. Serenity. Contentment.

Even on a rock-hard surface.

My sad human form would be a fidgety bundle of extreme discomfort after a mere three minutes in most of my cats’ favorite napping places. Yet they can make a marble countertop look like the plushest, most inviting cloud of luxurious softness.

Masters of relaxation, cats have made resting an art form, worthy of admiration, wonder and — if you’ll excuse the pun —”aww.”

Where are your pets’ favorite sleeping places?

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13 Comments on "Haiku by Cat: Repose"

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  1. easy rider says:

    it’s mostly the bed… or all places where he is in the way and where I have to solve a jumping competition :o)

  2. Emma says:

    We dogs have funny positions, but cats are amazing. They are really ridiculous many times the way they get comfy.

  3. Cats have relaxation down to an artform!

  4. Angel Bagheera liked to sleep on the dining room table.

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    calvin iz chillin
    pleez due knot dizterb me mom
    but eye due knead food


  6. meowmeowmans says:

    Calvin, you look SO relaxed. It’s like you’re one with that cat tree! 🙂

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