Haiku by Cat: Prey

away from the herd / vulnerable and lost / perfect prey: a sock #HaikuByCat #Haikusday #Micropoetry

Today’s haiku is by Dawn.

You can always tell when a cat has spotted her prey. When she is on the hunt. When something is going to get got.

The pupils dilate, creating large round circles of impending doom. 

When I see that expression on any of my cats’ faces, it triggers an atavistic part of my brain that is instantly afraid. Of course, it is at that moment I am quite grateful that I am not on the receiving end of the death stare—and am glad I outweigh them by at least a factor of twelve.

In the case above, I’m also happy that the target of Dawn’s potential pounce is a non-sentient sock. A worthy object for a hunt, and one that this cat mom knows will not result in someone’s regrettable demise.

What do your pets like to “hunt?”

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    sox make grate prey dawn
    ya can all wayz sneek up on
    unlezz shoo iz on 😉


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