Haiku by Cat: Never

Haiku by Cat: you will never know / how I got from there to here / cats keep their secrets

Today’s haiku is by Elsa Clair.

Balanced delicately on a surface that is maybe — maybe — two inches wide, Elsa Clair stares at me nonchalantly.

“Why are you looking at me that way?” she seems to be saying. “You’d think you’ve never seen a cat on an air conditioner before.”

Actually, I haven’t.

The fact that my cat was on an air conditioner didn’t bother me per se; what I was curious about was how she got there. There were two options:

1) She climbed. As in, she made her way over books and baskets and magazines and toys and decorations all precariously stacked, and not a one out of place as far as I could tell.


2) She jumped. Which would mean she leapt from some surface (the floor? one of those about-to-topple piles of whatever?) and landed a perfect-10, four-paws-on, stuck-the-landing on top of a narrow strip of air conditioner.

Either of those two options required a grasp of physics and mathematical probabilities all calculated in a blink of a cat’s eye.

Cats. Such inscrutable creatures. Like living questions we’ll never know the answers to.

Just one of the reasons we love them.

Happy Independence Day for those who celebrate! Stay cool!

What do your pets do that puzzle you?

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