Haiku By Cat: Infraction

#HaikuByCat inspection complete / major infraction noted / there is no catnip

Today’s Haiku is by Athena.

I think cats view the world through box-shaped lenses. If something looks like a box, it is a box.

Cubical shape? Box.

Four walls? Box.

Four sides, but no walls? Box.

This, I believe, explains why my cats love bookcases (cubical shape), drawers and laundry baskets (four walls), and even the Not-A-Box, which was a rectangular shape I created with a piece of cardboard. 

Thus a cabinet is nothing more than a sideways box: a bookcase with doors. 

And all boxes are worthy of investigation, no matter where they are.

Anyone else have cabinet inspectors? Drawer inspectors?

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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    That is a bad infraction.Great haiku.

  2. No catnip?!? That’s a travesty!

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