Haiku by Cat: Cloak

Haiku by Cat: cloaked by folds of a / carelessly hung coat, hunter / waits, ready to pounceToday’s haiku is by Calvin.

The stair railing in our front hall ends in a smooth, sweet curve, which I have learned is called a volute. Specifically, it’s a left hand volute, residing upon a volute newel post. (A new word. Perfect for Scrabble. It’s a good day.)

Our volute is a handy little thing, perfect for hanging something temporarily. Like a coat I’m going to put back on in a moment, or the purse I’m going to grab on my way out the door.

Calvin, who is an aficionado of secret sanctuaries, grottos, and hidey holes within our home, was thrilled to discover this new cloak cave. Just the right size for a discerning mancat, it also featured the added benefit of a great location: right at the bottom of the stairs. A purr-fect place from which to hatch pouncing plans and ankle-grabbing antics.

At least until I grabbed my purse and coat and headed out the door.

Sorry Calvin!

Do your pets have favorite hiding places?

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Calvin, that is a super special (albeit temporary) hiding place!

  2. eas says:

    I’m with you, I lure in the wardrobe between the clothes too :o)
    Happy Easter to you all :o)

  3. Well, it was a good hiding spot, Calvin.

  4. Cats! Always good at finding the perfect attack location, for us unsuspecting dogs, so unfair! Love Dolly

  5. It was a good hiding place, that’s for sure.

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