Haiku by Cat: Advice

Haiku by Cat: laundry is best done / with wise advice and help from / a convenient cat


Cats are so helpful. I must have been folding the shirt incorrectly and the only way to stop me from making a most egregious mistake was for Elsa Clair to sit right in the middle of it.

In today’s Haiku by Cat, we learn that household all tasks can be improved by sage counsel from a cat. And a liberal sprinkling of cat fur.

Sometimes the dogs help, too, contributing dog fur to fresh-out-of-the dryer clothes.

How do your pets help you around the house?


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  1. Kitty’s are always so helpful.

  2. easy rider says:

    that’s true, cats are experts they know immediately if the towels are soft enough or not! have a super tuesday!

  3. We love to help the mom make the bed. But for some reason, she never appreciates our help.

  4. Delilah loves to lay on the clean and folded laundry – Mom sometimes gets annoyed at first because Delilah leaves so much fur behind, but then she quickly realizes that it’s super cute and takes lots of pictures. MOL! Kitties sure like to lend helping paws in all areas!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Every cat I know loves a basket of warm clothes straight from the dryer.

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