In My World, World’s Best Cat Litter Lives Up To Its Name #WasteLessLitter

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Back in the summer, I did one of those “Don’t Try This At Home” activities, in which I gave my mom a cat for her birthday. (Feel free to read the story to find out why I made a one-time only exception to the Don’t Give Pets As Gifts Rule.) Along with the cat, who my mom loved within two minutes, naming her Penny (as in Lucky Penny), I brought everything the two of them would need to start their lives together: food, toys, cat beds, a brush, litter boxes, and cat litter.

The two gray ladies

My mom and Penny the day we brought her home.

I only brought items that I use myself or recommend. The cat litter I brought was World’s Best Cat Litter™.

My mom had opened her heart and home to several cats since I left for college never mind how many years ago, but the last cat was long gone, and my dad had passed relatively recently. My mom lives by herself in the house I grew up in, and I knew she needed to be self-sufficient with her new addition.

She was used to the old style cat litter, so I showed her how easy it is to use World’s Best. Here’s what I told her:

World’s Best is a natural cat litter made of corn, healthier for the cat, better for the environment.

It clumps quickly, so cat pee never has a chance to hit the bottom of the litter box, which means she doesn’t have to empty and scrub it often. I set her up with two litter boxes (one on each floor of the house) and poured between two and three inches in each.

You use less — and waste less — litter. And a little litter goes a long way. This is a benefit when you’re “not a spring chicken anymore,” as my mom likes to say, and don’t want to keep shlepping to the pet store to bring home yet another bag of litter.

All you have to do is scoop and flush. Easy Peasy.

One of the things I love the best is the odor control; with four cats  (and three dogs) in my own house, I always worried that guests would walk in, take one sniff, and say, “Oh, you have cats.” Instead, I’ve had people visit who said, “I would never have know you have that many cats.” (Of course, part of the reason is I swept up all the hair balls, vacuumed carpets, couches and chairs like mad, and at least half of the cats hid at the sound of the doorbell, but still… my house doesn’t smell like cat.)

Love in the litter box

My cats love the litter, too, so much that one of them drew a heart, though nobody’s taking credit for it.

Why else do I like it?

How did I learn about World’s Best Cat Litter? When we adopted Dawn and Athena six years ago — our first cats ever — the woman from the adoption organization walked us around PetSmart pulling items off the shelves, saying, “You need this, you need that, and oh, by the way, use World’s Best Cat Litter.” It’s what she used, and she highly recommended it. What did I know? I’ve used it ever since.

Here’s the thing: As a blogger, I am often given the opportunity to test other litters. I’ve tried quite a few, and I always go back to World’s Best. Not only due to the reasons listed above that I explained to my mom, but also because the litter is so much less dusty than anything else I’ve tried.

I'm not sure which cat thinks toilet paper is necessary, but it most certainly isn't required when using World's Best Cat Litter.

I’m not sure which cat thinks toilet paper is necessary, but it most certainly isn’t required when using World’s Best Cat Litter.

But wait, there’s more

There are two more reasons I am such of fan of this particular litter:

1) My dogs think cat poo is a delicious treat. And while I finally found a solution (an inexpensive and handy little product called The Door Buddy) to keeping the dogs out of areas where the litter boxes are, the pups still manage to get their determined little snouts where they don’t belong. So when they do (and it really is a “when” not an “if”), I don’t have to worry about what kind of dangerous, chemical something they may have ingested along with the stinky delicacies. World’s Best Cat Litter is just corn. That means a lot to me.

I discourage my dogs from eating cat litter, but if they happen to ingest a little, I don't worry.

I discourage my dogs from eating cat litter, but if they happen to ingest a little, I don’t worry.

2) It weighs just the right amount. This is also important. Too heavy, and my back hurts carrying bags and adding litter to boxes. Too light, and the litter flies through the air at the slightest kick, covering my floors with a dusting of litter that is not what I want to feel on my freshly washed feet the moment I step out of the shower. Don’t get me wrong, litter does go flying, but not half as much as other litters I’ve tried.

World's Best Cat Litter is flingable enough to satisfy my cats, but heavy enough that it doesn't fly out of the average litter box.

World’s Best Cat Litter is flingable enough to satisfy my cats, but heavy enough that it doesn’t fly out of the average litter box.

So when the nice people at World’s Best Cat Litter asked if I’d review their product, I pounced on the opportunity faster than Calvin on the elusive red dot. Sure, I was given a free bag (yay!) and a small stipend to write this article, but I was sold on their product a long time ago, and have been singing their praises ever since.

What does my mom think?

As for my mom? When she was here for Thanksgiving just a few weeks ago, she told me she was just running out of the litter I had provided her with. (Here’s the math, BTW: two bags, two litter boxes, one cat, four months.) She planned to buy more the next time she was out shopping. And the bonus? “Now that I know how to use the litter, I cleaned the boxes in the downstairs bathroom for you.”


As part of World’s Best Cat Litter’s Waste Less Litter campaign, they’re offering $2 coupons to encourage people to switch. Get your coupon here.

Use this handy store locator to find out which stores carry World’s Best.

You can also follow World’s Best on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to Switch Your Cat Onto A New Litter

Thinking of switching to World’s Best Cat Litter? If you know anything about kitties, you’ll know that most don’t like change, particularly with something as purr-sonal as their toilet areas. You’ll want to make the change slowly, over time, so as not to upset your cat and possibly cause outside-the-box behavior.

Here are a few tips to help your favorite felines feel comfortable with the change.

  • Make the change in one litter box at a time. Behaviorists suggest you have one more litter box than you have cats.
  • Mix the new litter into your current litter, so it makes up no more than a third of the whole. Leave it like that until you see your cat(s) using the the mixed version.
  • Over time, add more so that the new litter is a greater proportion of the whole, not more than two thirds with the next change.
  • Take extra care to keep the mixed litter box clean; it may make it more attractive to kitty.
  • If you’re switching from a non-clumping clay litter, the mixture most likely won’t clump as well at first, until the litter has been completely switched over to World’s Best.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of World’s Best Cat Litter. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Jan Swenson says:

    I have been exclusively using this for years. wonderful litter (if you can call it that)

  2. I like that you don’t need to use as much…no need for me to lug those 40 lbs of litter anymore. ~Island Cat Mom

  3. I absolutely LOVE World’s Best!!! I first discovered it in 2010 when we were caring for a very old cat (around 17yo+) who had been badly neglected and I was looking for a more lightweight litter as Domino really WAS fragile (starved to a skeleton by previous so-called guardian and had to be shaved by the vet as her long coat was so matted and have all but 4 teeth removed as they were so bad). I think it was Cat World magazine I saw it advertised in so I sent off for a small bag. When it arrived I was quite disappointed because it looked like there was hardly anything in it but oh my….once I put it in the tray it was a hit for Domino! Soft under her paws and it clumped straight into an easily-removed ball as soon as she had a pee…..from Day One I was hooked on the stuff! And, like you say, it gets rid of that ammonia-like smell you get from cheaper litters. Even years later when we had four cats there was no smell…..and unlike other larger litters it doesn’t get dragged around the house on fluffy paws which is SO annoying! I buy the large bag and it lasts me absolutely weeks! I’m forever telling folk to get World’s Best and I know a couple HAVE been converted. Gill xx

    • So glad you like World’s Best Cat Litter. I was introduced to it when I first adopted the our original set of kittens: Dawn and Athena. I’ve tried other litters since then, but none come close. It’s what I brought my mom when we adopted a cat for her. So, join the World’s Best fan club.:-D

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