You Just Have to Share Those Irresistible Moments with Your Cats

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Every day that we spend with our cats (and dogs!) is filled with irresistible moments — times that we share with our furry friends and think that’s what being a pet parent it all about, when our bond with our cats grow ever stronger.

Cat Aww

There are the Aww moments, when kitty is looking so sweet and adorable that you just have to stop and squee. And maybe take a picture. And post it. Because you have to share so all your cat-loving friends can squee along with you.

Elsa Clair has a different purr-spective.

Elsa Clair has a different purr-spective.


There are the LOL moments when your feline friend is caught in the act of being a cat — occupying yet another box, hiding in plain sight, or performing that ridiculous butt wiggle right before a pounce on the pink crinkle mouse. This you post, too. Because no matter what language we speak, laughing at cats is universal.

The cat is out of the bag — partly.

The cat is out of the bag — partly.


Cat Whoa!

And there are the Whoa! moments, when you wonder if you really did just see your cat do that. Because you didn’t think he could jump that high. Or turn around in that small of a space. Or catch that mouse — and let it go! Now if she could just do it again, so you could record it and… share it on the interwebs. Because. Cats.

Spider cat? Dawn walks on walls and windows.

Spider cat? Dawn walks on walls and windows.

You’re not alone; so many of us like to share our irresistible moments with our cats, it’s no wonder that Meow Mix recently held their first Cat’s Meow Awards. More than 25,000 videos and photos were submitted, and fans chose winners in three categories: Best Cat Cuddle, Best Cat-hlete, and Wild Cat Card. Take a look at the winners below.

Best Cat Cuddle

Best Cat-hlete

Wild Cat Card

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    Those were GREAT! We are especially impressed with Dawn’s spider cat skills!

  2. Lisa Bishop says:

    Good job! These are really fun. I never have my phone ready to snap, and if I do, my cat immediately stops whatever cute/crazy thing she is doing and walks away.

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