Text From Dog: Terriers

#TextFromDog That was fun! First I was hunting a chipmunk. Then I saw a squirrel. So I chased it. Me: That's a lot in one day. Dog: I know! And I've only just started! Me: Terriers!

Sometimes I think Tucker is the terrierest terrier.  He’s a full-bore, no-holds-barred, ball-chasing, critter-huntin’ scruffy scrapper of a dog.

One would think that an intense non-stop doggo like him would be so focused on stuff to do, and sniff, and investigate and roll in that he would have no time for his people. But Tucker is also one of the most empathetic dogs I’ve known.

If anything is wrong with me—physically, emotionally, or otherly—he’s the first dog to come up to me, the one who curls up next to me, and the last one to leave me (only if there is something that must be barked at).

Plus, he gives the best hugs: a Tucker speciality where you sit down and he puts a paw on each thigh and snuggles his permanently bed-headed noggin right into your neck. I’ve seen vet techs melt when he does it.

Living with a terrier is like hanging out with a perpetually amusing, adorable, and loving tornado. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What personality traits do you love about your pet?

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