Text from Dog: Snow kidding

#TextFromDog: So I know I told you I like snow but I don’t need any more. Me: Me neither. Dog: We agree. No more snow. Me: I hope not, but I don’t have any control over it.Dog: What do you mean you can’t stop the snow? Me: Sorry, Lilah, but humans can’t control the weather. We’re not gods. Lilah: Head explode

First the nor’easter swept through, taking its sweet time, and dropping about twenty inches of snow. Then a few days later, we were blessed with another eight inches or so.

Now the dogs have to travel on paths that I tamp down with my snowshoes, and do their business in areas I trampled just for the purpose. In the early mornings, if it’s cold enough (and it usually is), the pups can walk on top of the snow, like canine Legolases (see: Lord of the Rings, and the abilities of elves.)

As for me, the only way I can walk in our back yard is with snowshoes. Which, when I’m wearing them, make me waddle like a drunken bear, and if I step even slightly the wrong way, or turn to look at what the dogs are barking at, I fall down.

So, while I generally like snow, I prefer it to hang around for just a few days, and then politely disappear before the next layer arrives. Otherwise, if we don’t get the snow off the driveway and the front path and the deck (and we didn’t this time; it was too overwhelming), it stays there, melting just enough each day to spill a thin layer of water across the surface, ensuring that someone, at some time, is going down. (Hint: me.) 

The forecast for the week ahead looks something like this:

  • Tonight: 90% chance of snow, up to 2 inches
  • Saturday: 60% chance of snow, 1 to 3 inches
  • Monday night: 60% chance of snow, 1 to 3 inches
  • Tuesday: 70% chance of snow and ice, 1 to 3 inches
  • Thursday: 60% chance of snow, 2 to 6 inches
  • Friday: 60% chance of snow, 2 to 4 inches

In between the snow days, it’s mostly just cold, with the highest temperature on any of those days a quite frigid 37 degrees. So that means we’re not going to see much of the white stuff melting away.

I don’t want to do the math. I really don’t. And I wish I could be the god that Lilah thinks I am, because I would melt it all with a nice 40 or 45-degree day respite. That ain’t happenin’ in the near future.

But that’s the thing. Spring will come. It always does.

And while Lilah will happily climb on top of the last vestige of snow just before it’s completely gone (she really does love the stuff), I will applaud it’s demise, and look for my yard to change color from the white of snow to the brown of mud to the green of growth.

What do your pets think of snow?

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    If you DO figure out how to make it stop, please share. We’re kinda done with the snow, too. 🙂

  2. Leah says:

    Wow that is a lot of snow!I hope you get a break soon and spring arrives early for everyone!

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