Text from Dog: Saw Your Suitcase


#TextFromDog You're going away again, aren't you? Me: How'd you know? Dog: I saw your suitcase. And now I'm sad. Me: I won't be away long. Dog: Doesn't matter. My world is so empty when you're gone. Me: Jeeze, Lilah. You're making me feel bad. Dog: Enjoy your guilt trip.

They always know, don’t they? As soon as my dogs see a suitcase, they follow me a little closer, sigh a little more often, and practice their sad faces.

Do I feel bad about leaving them? Yes. But most of my trips are business- (or blog) related, and therefore it’s only me that’s traveling, and my husband takes good care of the menagerie while I’m gone.

But still. Mom is leaving. Poor pooches.

Do your pets send you on a guilt trip?

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  1. mom actually wonders if we CARE if she leaves MOL

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