Text From Dog: Join the Club

#TextFromDog: Why does Calvin do that? Me: Do What? Dog: Lay right in the middle of the kitchen floor. You could trip over him. Me: I know. I have to be careful and walk around him. Dog: Yes! And it slows you down when you're making dinner. I don't understand cats. Me: Welcome to the club.

“I don’t understand cats.”

Jasper’s not alone in his confusion. I don’t understand them either. Not really. My brother used to tell me that living with a cat is like living with a little furry alien.

Dogs are much more predictable; they like the same things we humans do. But cats? Why do they like boxes so much? Why is crinkle paper so much fun? Why is this lap preferable to that one? And, why do they like to lie down right in the middle of the kitchen floor where they are not only in the way and likely to get stepped on or tripped over.

One would think, since they are prey as well as predator, that cats might be more likely to hang out by the walls or alongside the cabinets. And there are perches in our kitchen where Calvin could more appropriately supervise meal prep. Still: right smack dab in the middle of the floor.

Cats. I don’t understand them. But I love them.

What do your pets do that you don’t understand? Any theories as to why the middle of the floor is the best place for cats?

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  1. Jan says:

    Our cat will hone in on the one person who doesn’t like cats and fawn on them while ignoring cat lovers who want her attention.

  2. Ruby says:

    okays, I gots to confess…I do that every day! BOL!!! Especially when I smell chicken….
    Ruby ♥

  3. Oh, yes. Kitty was smart enough to plop on the floor out of my way – and Ellie usually does now too. But Bear? He’s all up in my grill like he thinks the food will come faster.

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