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#TextFromDog Bet you can't take my bear from me. Me: Probably not. Dog: But you could try, though.

Tucker’s favorite activity is to chase things. Balls. Toys. Sticks.

If he can pick it up and carry it, he’ll bring it to you so you can throw it and he can bring it back.

Again and again and again.

The other dogs don’t get it. Literally. If I throw something, they won’t go after it.

But Tucker lives for the pursuit. And maybe that’s it’s right there. It’s not the ball; it’s the chase. It’s not the bear, it’s the hunt. Maybe the joy and meaning is all about the quest, the journey, the searching.

Or maybe he just likes to chase things.

What are your pets’ favorite things to do?

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  1. Some dogs like to fetch. Even some cats like to do that. Not us. We’d rather nap. Or eat.

  2. How adorable are you, Tucker?!?

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