Text from Dog: If I fits…

Text from me: You look squished. #TextFromDog: If I fits, I sits. Text from me: What the…? Halley: the cats have accepted me. I’ve been taking lessons. #dogsandcatstexting #dogsandcats #catlessons #ififitsisits #sleepypod

At first, I didn’t realize she was in there. The inside of my Sleepypod mobile pet bed is a very fashionable (and quite comfy) black fleecy faux fur material.

But somehow, the fur looked a little… scruffy.

Suddenly an ear flicked. And then Halley lifted her head, yawned, and looked at me as if to say, “What?” And she tucked her head back into the bed, a puppy ball who fit inside the circular bed almost to overflowing—and went back to sleep.

I had just washed and dried and zipped back into place the interior plush, something I always do after I use the carrier to take one of the cats to the vet, which was why it was in the middle of the kitchen floor, and more accessible than usual.

Halley stayed tucked inside the bed for quite a while. She seemed comfortable, sometimes lifting her head to rest it on the side, or curling back up with her snout stuffed in among her legs.

It occured to me that all the dog beds in our house are more Lilah and Jaspe-sized. As in… big. All of my pups like to rest their heads on pillows, or the raised sides of dogs beds, but maybe they also like that enclosed feeling as well. 

So now we have a smaller dog bed, one that’s not too big, and not too small. One that is Halley sized, just right.

We’ll see if she uses it. 

But based on past experience, I’m not taking any bets.

Where do you pets like to sleep?

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