Text from Cat: The Horror

#TextFromCat He's splashing water on his face! He's scraping his fur off! Now he's getting his entire body wet! Me: Chillax, Athena. Brian is just shaving and showering.

We have a cat scratcher positioned in our bedroom, just outside the bathroom door. It’s a great place for cats to hang out while they’re waiting for us after we’ve had the nerve to close the door because of a strange human habit called “privacy.” Sometimes, though, we don’t close the door all the way, and a cat has a purr-fect spot to watch—and comment on—the goings on inside the bathroom. And, from a feline purr-spective, what we do in there… well maybe it’s better off that the door is closed. 

Do your pets accompany you to the bathroom or prefer to wait outside?

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  1. Jan says:

    It IS hard for our pets to understand strange human ways.

  2. Hmph. And they call US savage and uncivilized for licking our butts – but they get themselves wet on purpose by standing in a giant whoosh of water! ~Bear Cat

  3. We agree, humans are often weird ! Purrs

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