Text from Cat: Taking Leave

#TextFromCat You're leaving, aren't you? Me: I have to go to work! Cat: That's more important than me? Me: I have to make money. So I can buy you catnip. Cat: Carry on.

You know the look. The one you get when your pet realizes you are actually going to walk out that door and leave. The “Hope you enjoy your guilt trip” face. 

I have a feeling if my pets could truly understand why I was leaving, that it wasn’t just because I am a heartless human who does not provide enough laps for the resident felines, and am abandoning three dogs to wallow in their loneliness, but am going out to make a buck or two to keep them in catnip and tuna and squeaky balls and comfy beds, then maybe they wouldn’t feel so bad.


What do your pets do when you leave?

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  1. Yeah, getting treats and foods is important. 🙂

  2. Can you imagine a time without toys or treats? #NoThanks

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