Text From Cat: She’s right behind me

#TextFromCat She's right behind me, isn't she? Me: Yep, she's there. Is that a problem? Cat: It's Elsa Clair. Elsa. Clair. She's always plotting something. I'm doomed.

Though she is the smallest of the creatures we share our home with, the humans in the family variously refer to Elsa Clair as “Beast,” “Bestlet,” “Beastie,” “Tiny Dragon,” or “Dragonette.” You may notice a trend there.

She has no use for anybody in the house—not human or dog or cat—except for me, whom she expects to be present all day in her lair, also known as my office. If I leave for more than a few minutes, she will hunt me down and herd me back, all while meowing a lecture about humans who go AWOL and the severe repercussions of said actions.

Speaking of hunting, Elsa Clair is a master, whether she’s stalking bugs or slaying mice

She’s fast. She’s smart. She’s Ninja quiet. And she takes no prisoners.

So it’s no wonder that Calvin (and all the other furry residents) are somewhat fearful of our tiniest tiger.

And yes, Calvin, she’s probably plotting something.

What do your pets plot about?

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  1. Sleep with one eye open, Calvin.

  2. We wonder what she’s up to!

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