Text from Cat: Rub my belly

#TextFromCat Rub my belly. Me: This is a trap. Cat: Rub my belly. Me: It's so soft white and pretty. Maybe I will... Cat: DON'T TOUCH MY BELLY!

The difference between cats and dogs:

When a dog rolls over on his back with his tail wagging, and a goofy upside down grin on his face, you know it’s a belly rub request.

With cats, you never know. It might be an invitation. Or it might be a trap.

It depends on the cat.

And the time of day.

And the location.

And whether the moon is in the 7th house.

And whether you’re wearing the right clothes, speak in an acceptable tone of voice, approach with the appropriate degree of respect.

And it’s a Tuesday.

In April. 


But not this time.

How about you? Does your cat like belly rubs?

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