Text from Cat: Forbidden Love

#TextFromCat Me: I saw you. Cat: Saw what? Me: You and Tucker. I actually think you like that dog. Cat: You won't tell anyone, will you? I'd have to turn in my CAT card. Me: Your what? Cat: C.A.T. Cats Against Terriers.

With four cats and three humans in our house, I’d like to think we have one of those lion-lies-down-with-the-lamb, we-all-get-along-despite-our-differences kind of home.

The emphasis there is on the “I’d like to think.” The dogs get along with each other for the most part. Tucker adores Jasper, who thinks his younger brother is a pest. Lilah thinks both Tucker and Jasper are a bit oafish, though she puts aside her opinions to take care of them—except when Tucker gets way out of line, and then she barks him into order.

On the other paw, Dawn, Athena, and Elsa Clair each live in their own private Idaho; they understand that the world they live in contain other cats—and even dogs—but would be just fine thank you, if that weren’t the case.

Our mancat Calvin is the exception. He wants be friends with everyone. He tries to sniff and rub and be sweet to the other inhabitants of the house. The dogs have learned to deal with it, though they’re a bit suspicious. And while he attempts friendly overtures to the others of his species, he also can’t help implementing a good pounce or chase when the opportunity presents itself, and the ladies don’t forgive and forget easily.

With the exception of me, Elsa Clair specifically has no time and space for anyone in the family. As far as she’s concerned, the other inhabitants of the house are nuisances that stand in the way—of her food, her goals, her toys.

Which is why it was so surprising that I caught her rubbing on Tucker. The two least likely to be friends: my picky little territorial beastie and my pesky in-your-face terrier.

I guess all our creatures can find ways to get along. We humans can learn a thing or two.

How do your pets get along with other creatures?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    hay…wearz R commint cyber space ???

  2. We won’t tell anyone, Elsa Clair.

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