Text from Cat: Cat Time

#TextFromCat Yo! Human! Me: What? I'm outside with the dogs. Cat: I'm hungry! Me: I've only been out here 5 minutes. Cat: In Cat Time, that's five hours.

Elsa Clair is displeased. Well, ok, maybe that’s her nearly purr-manent state of mind, but according to her, dinner should never be late. And it nearly always is.

Because she runs on Cat Standard Time. And we humans do not.

And, when you add in the outdated idiocy known as Daylight Saving Time, our hungry kitty loses patience with her two-legged staff. If feeding time was tardy before, now it’s egregiously late.

To be honest, I think I would rather live on on Cat Time: it’s always either dinner time or nap time, with maybe a little playtime, snuggle time and bath time thrown in for variety.

I could live like that. 

Would you like to live like your pets?

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  1. suzanprincess says:

    If I could keep my square dancing, quilting, crocheting and reading, I sure would! I already do, part time–I retired early because of layoffs, and have not regretted a minute of it!

  2. I’ve always said that I want to be reincarnated as a cat owned by me. 😉 ~Island Cat Mom

  3. Awww … Elsa Clair looks so distraught at having to wait! I’m surprised she was the only one to greet you if it’s meal time.

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