Text From Cat: A little too much

#TextFromCat: First I had to pounce it. Then I had to wrestle it to the ground. A few bunny kicks to be sure. And then Me: ... And then what? Cat: And then... Me: What?! Cat: I forget. Me: A little too much catnip?!

Some cats love catnip and some barely even notice it.

Calvin will take ‘nip wherever and whenever and however he can get it. Fresh. Dried. In a toy. On a shelf. In a box. With a fox… Well maybe not that last one but still.

In the spring and summer when I grow catnip, he comes running the minute I walk in the house with a few leaves. Athena is usually right behind him. The two of them will eat every last stem and leaf they can find, and look at me sadly when it’s gone. I have to make them pace themselves. Dawn is a little interested, and will walk away after a lick or two. Elsa Clair usually comes to see what all the fuss is about but will take one sniff and sneeze in disgust.

Which leave more for Calvin—and Athena.

In the winter, they have to be satisfied with catnip toys, but as you can tell from the text and photo above, Calvin does quite fine, thank you very much. 

How do your cats react to catnip?

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  1. Ellie eats Nip. I’d never heard of that before – but she’s dedicated.

  2. Yep, that’s what happens here. We’re nip heads.

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