Text From Cat: It’s Her Hangup

Text From Cat: He's doing it wrong. Me: He's doing just fine. Cat: Wrong. Me:Okay, then. Wh at's the problem? Cat: It's not a picture of me.

Ever get that feeling like your cat is sure she knows better than you? Like she’s silently judging you behind your back—and you are probably coming up short?

It’s true. My cats are true snoopervisors, watching over our shoulders and thinking to themselves that if they were only a bit bigger and have thumbs…

Do your pets judge you?

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6 Comments on "Text From Cat: It’s Her Hangup"

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    elsa….we haz calculated de diss tanze frum de stair… two de wall
    wear said picture hangz…..a well tozzed piece oh perch ( a two pounder ) frum that same step… will haz that picture down ina nano second… just makes sure ewe tozz frum yur rite 😉 ♥♥☺☺

  2. Y’know…Elsa Clair is right. It should be a picture of her.

  3. Now that’s a photo-bomb if I’ve ever seen one!

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