Text from Dog: We’re doing yoga

Text from Dog: We're not trying to get under the fence. We're doing yoga.


Dogs are natural yoga practitioners. Above, you can see Jasper practicing Downward Facing Dog. As he notes, it most certainly isn’t Dog In Search of Chipmunk. Or even Dog Trying to Get Under the Fence. Not at all.

Do your pets do yoga? What are their favorite positions?

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  1. Daisy says:

    LOL No of course they’re not going after chipmunks, they’re on a health kick! 🙂 Daisy’s favorite yoga position is Upside Down Dog Wanting Belly Rub. Or what we call, The Lazy Daisy. 😉

  2. easy rider says:

    yes, that’s yoga.. or doga :o) and that fence is there for a better balance, I agree :o)

  3. Emma says:

    Well, that is so obvious! Humans are so bad! They always assume the worst!

  4. MOL ! Of course ! Who could think of anything else than of yoga ? Purrs

  5. Robin says:

    Too funny! It doesn’t look like mischief is happening there at all. 😉 My Cinco is very fond of doing yoga. I’m always amused by the different poses he can pull off!

  6. MOL! Nice “yoga” moves!

  7. LOL! Looks like the perfect place for yoga!

  8. Eliza the cat says:

    * purr* I could fit under that gate easily!! Wait, human’s coming, gotta go!!

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