Text from Dog: Visualizing the goal

Text from Dog: Visualizing the goal

Ever watch elite athletes close their eyes and focus right before the big event? They’re using a technique called imaging, where they’re picturing their optimal performance.

Squirrels. The ultimate goal for my dogs. It wouldn’t surprise me that they would use every tool at their disposal in their attempts to “get” the elusive tree dwellers.

Still, I’m glad they’re rarely successful. Don’t tell my pups but I root for the rodents. But they can always hope, and try, and try again.

Dogs are a lesson in hope and persistence.

What do your pets pursue?

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  1. jan says:

    Squirrels are evil spawns of the devil sent to make dogs feel inferior. And I’m glad they stay above ground.

  2. Soon…. Don’t give up ! Purrs

  3. Emma says:

    I think a bunch of us dogs need to get together and really do a big squirrel raid. It’s time those pesty tree rats be taught a lesson.

  4. We’d like to get one of those squirrels too. They sit on our porch and taunt us, They’re evil.

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