Text from Dog: Play by Play

#TextFromDog He's pulling in the driveway! He's getting out of the truck! Me: Got it. Thx. It's the UPS guy. Dog: He's coming up the walkway! Me: Thanks for the play-by-play

It doesn’t matter what the UPS guy is delivering, the event is worthy of much commentary.

Every time. 

Amazingly, my dogs can tell the sound of the UPS truck. So we know what’s about to go down when the driver is still a few houses away. The barkage is exuberant and excessive—times three. It amps up way past 11 when I open the door to get the package, particularly if the delivery dude (it’s nearly always the same guy) actually hands me the package. I don’t know if he ever hears me say “thank you” because it’s probably lost in the canine cacophony.

It’s so sad when the truck pulls into the neighbor’s driveway instead of ours. The dogs get quiet. The tails stop wagging. Everyone drifts back to their preferred bed or couch.

Until the mail carrier stops by. 

What do your pets think of mail carriers and other delivery people?

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