Text from Dog: He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother

Text from Dog: Tucker can be a bit of a pest sometimes. He’s noisy and always seems to be in my space. But it’s okay. He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother. Me: I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Tucker adores Jasper. He loved him from the moment he met his older brother. Jasper, on the other paw, thinks that Tucker can be a bit of a pest, as he says in the text above. 

Often Tucker steals Jasper’s toys. Yet Jasper lets him have them, with just the slightest fight, so Tucker can enjoy the taking.

When we’re outside, if Tucker sees a deer, he’ll start running, but then stop and look back to see if Jasper will follow. If his older brother doesn’t join in, it’s not as much fun. Jasper nearly always runs and barks alongside him.

If Tucker doesn’t come back in the house along with the other two dogs, Jasper will stand by the back door waiting until his brother comes inside.

And when Tucker lays on him, Jasper—who gets hot very easily—will stay there as long as he can bear.  Only then, he’ll slide out from under Tucker—slowly, gently, so as not to disturb him. 

If asked, Jasper would probably tell you that his brother is a pest. But he loves him. And he has been extra tolerant now that Tucker is fighting cancer. And he ain’t heavy. Not really. He’s his brother. 

Note: Jasper’s last line in the text comes from a song by the same name, originally sung by The Hollies. Another version I remember is by Neil Diamond. Both versions make me cry. Every time. 

What do your pets do that get you right in the feels?

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  1. Mary McNeil says:

    That song was inspired by a village called “Boystown” founded in Nebraska (if I remember correctly) during the Depression to help troubled kids. Their logo was a boy about 13 carrying a younger boy piggyback through the snow into Boystown, saying “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.” That sparked a lot of feels back then too.

  2. A bromance for the ages! I can’t imagine anyone with a heart that wouldn’t get the feels.

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    Aww, we love this. It’s interesting how animal “siblings” will so often be more gentle when one of them is old or infirm. Our youngster Ava is so gentle with our 18 year old Gracie.

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