Text from Dog: Guilty Party

Tucker does look like the guilty party, doesn’t he?

He’s right. He usually is the one to start it. There is nothing on this planet that isn’t worth chasing. Problem is, if one dog chases, all the dogs chase.

And while Lilah wouldn’t intentionally hurt anything, and when Jasper gets his hound up, it’s all about the hunt, it’s Tucker who is more likely to be successful. I mean, he’s a terrier, through and through. He’s hard-wired to go after little varmints.

So, particularly in the spring, when the young and stupid baby squirrels/chipmunks/birds/etc. (the ones who have yet to learn what and whom to be afraid of) are out and about, I confine the dogs to the fenced-in area around our pool. At least until I’ve scared the foolish and naive critters out of our yard.

Strange thing is, my daughter decided to grow a vegetable garden within the pool fence this year, and apparently a groundhog with the devious planning aptitude that could be compared to Frank Morris (the guy who escaped from Alcatraz), has tunneled his way into the corn and tomatoes. Thus, the “jail” has been rendered useless, as my dogs would be happy to dig through the garden in search of said creature.

Thus the fauna on my property are kind of on their own now. I hope they’ve learned their survival of the fittest lessons over the summer. 

And I have the local wildlife rescue organization in my contacts list, just in case.

What do your pets like to chase?

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  1. jan says:

    My dogs will chase anything that runs…

  2. But those squirrels, chipmunks and birds are just asking to be chased!

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