Text from Dog: You can’t be too careful

Text from Dog: We're almost done checking for intruders. Me: Like who? Dog: Bunnies Me: I feel so much safer.

The woods behind our property is home to many wild creatures. Sometimes these intruders sneak under (or over) the fence.

It’s best to go on border patrol to make sure there have been no incursions or intrusions.

I feel so much safer with my dogs checking our perimeters. Because you never know about bunnies.

How do your pets protect your borders?

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9 Comments on "Text from Dog: You can’t be too careful"

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  1. Daisy says:

    Oh yeah, those chipmunks and bunnies are a threat to Daisy too – they steal “awwwws” from her! 😉 She barks them off the property. 🙂

  2. easy rider says:

    yay for the pup-patrol :o) seems there is treat time tonight :o)

  3. Emma says:

    We all do perimeter checks several times a day to make sure we know the state of the yard.

  4. We keep close watch on everything from inside the house.

  5. Bear Cat doesn’t really care … but Kitty would check out every nook and cranny of the house every night about 7pm. I wish I’d gotten it on video … it was hilarious.

  6. Eliza the cat says:

    My kitty looks out the window ever afternoon, if she sees no birds after the first glance, she takes a nap in the sun intil she’s hungry

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