Text from Dog: Can I help?

Text from Dog: I don't have thumbs, but I can help. I could read the instructions. Me: You're sitting on them.

How do people without pets ever get anything done around the house?

Who is there to sit on the instructions? Or better yet, chew on them.

How can they learn new and expressive vocabulary unless someone is there to place a large paw on the plastic tray of nuts and screws so they fly across the room? Who else would help them find three out of the four screws they need to finish putting something together?

How do they manage to complete a project without a cat standing in the exact spot they need to step when they’re holding the heaviest part, and they can’t see where their feet are but they know there’s a cat there somewhere?

All I know is they’re probably finished already.

But as for us, when we’re done, we get to relax with a furry friend who made the whole adventure that much more worthwhile.

Do your pets help you with projects or chores?

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  1. Daisy says:

    What an adorable expression! Daisy is our Official Home Snoopervisor when it comes to DYI projects. She’s quite critical, too, insisting work be done as quietly as possible and that she inspect each and every bit before, during and after work. 🙂

  2. BOL we are sure you would be excellent help.

  3. Always ! Snoopervising humans is such an impawtant job ! Purrs

  4. zooperson says:

    We get help here too. Thanks for your posts; it’s like a little valentine every time you post. Makes us smile and sometimes even think which is a good thing too

  5. Bentley & Pierre always try to help us with any projects. It would be awesome if they had thumbs so they could hold or hand us things!

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