Text from Cat: Who rules?

Text from Cat: I'm on my throne Me: You're on a pile of towels on the dining room table.


Towels are my favorite laundry item. They’re hard to ruin. They’re easy to fold. And there’s something inherently satisfying when you pile them in a neat stack. 

Unfortunately I’m not the only one in the house who likes freshly laundered towels. Particularly those fresh from the dryer. Stack ’em high, and they’re even more attractive.  When I come back after taking less than a minute to bring an armful of clothes upstairs—not even to put them away yet, but just to set them in the “I’ll get to this later” position on our cedar chest—invariably someone has taken possession of my towels. 

LIke a silent siren call that awakens resident felines from their deepest slumber, warm-from-the-dryer towels are a major attractant. And once one of the cats claims Mount Towelrest for their own, there’s not much that will depose them.

Unless it’s dinnertime. 

That’s when the cats are gustatorially distracted, and I can finally put my towels away in the linen closet. Except for maybe the top one, which by then will have enough cat fur to mark that territory as belonging to kitty king (or queen) and crown, and may need to be re-washed and dried for its human-intended use. 

Unless another cat gets to it first.

Do your cats occupy your laundry?

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5 Comments on "Text from Cat: Who rules?"

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    dood….yur mom upsurped yur position…. { we noe, we canna bee leeve we used a fancee werd like upsurped either !!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    knot ta menshun therz de LAW; bout 9/10 oh sum thin…sum one one ownz; we forgetz what itz called… but it meenz ewe had de towelz; de towelz iz yurz….trooth

    we hope everee onez safe N happee N healthee N howl o ween waz good 🙂 ♥♥

    • Possession is 9/10 of the law. And if you’re a cat, who has 9 lives… I’m pretty sure there are some complex cat-culations there that confirm his sovereignty over the Tower of Towels. (And stay safe as well.)

  2. Mary McNeil says:

    Uh oh Calvin – those airplane ears make your feelings clear.

    • Hah! I didn’t know other people called them airplane ears. But, yes! Once you know how to read cat body language, it is clear as black and white (particularly with a tuxie like Calvin) when a certain someone is displease.

  3. We think Calvin looks absolutely adorable on those towels [sorry, Susan].

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