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Text from Cat: Touching

Text from Cat: I'm not touching the dog. If he told you I was touching him, it isn't true. Tho I may have *almost* touched him.

If Tucker walks by, Athena swats him. She glares unprintable cat curses if he’s in her space–loosely defined as anywhere in her general vicinity. One would think Athena dislikes Tucker, but I think it’s more than that. I think she likes to dislike Tucker.

Case in point: when Tucker wants to play ball in the house (always while we’re watching something really important, like the latest episode of Dr. Who), Athena strategically positions herself on the corner of the coffee table in the family room. The only way Tucker can bring his Inside Ball to the official Ball Throwers who are sitting on the couch is to walk past the cat.

Sometimes, he braces himself and scurries by. The cat hisses and swats at the incredible effrontery that just took place. Tucker will put his ears back, look sad, and then forget about it when we launch his Ball down the hallway. The dog doesn’t feel the swat when he’s in the moment.

Other times, Tucker will sit on the other side of the coffee table, and–Ball still in mouth–whine softly, piteously. I swear Athena wears a smirk at these moments.

But I think it’s all part of the game–though I guess Athena enjoys the game more than Tucker. Today’s Text From Dog gives a little glimpse into their relationship.

And sometimes, when he’s feeling frisky, Tucker will walk behind Athena and nose at her–gently–amusing himself while she tries to stomp away and maintain her dignity.

Athena could run, but she doesn’t.


What are the relationships among your pets’ non-human family and friends?


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