Text from Cat: Read my whiskers

#TextFromCat: Go away. There are unauthorized people in the house and I'm not coming out. Me: I have a treat. Cat: Read my whiskers. Not. Coming. Out.Calvin is not a people person.

Unless you’re on his Approved list, not only will he will refuse to make an appearance, but he’ll spend a good chunk of the time in his Underbed Cave. He also requires room service for dinner, as he will simply not eat in the presence of strangers who have not been fully vetted.

Thus the holidays—Thanksgiving in particular—is a bit of a trial for my overdressed tuxedo cat. He won’t join the party, which this year begins the day before with out-of-town guests arriving to stay over Tuesday night, culminating with a crowd of 13 on Thursday. Most of the unauthorized visitors will be gone by the weekend, which will make Calvin a lot happier—and a lot more visible.

I understand. The introvert part of my ambivert self has sought to disappear during the festivities now again—to check on the cat.

At least I don’t hide under the bed.

How do your pets deal with company?

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  1. Daisy says:

    LOL That picture says everything!! What a character! 😀 Daisy is the opposite – she loves meeting new people and won’t leave them alone. I’m not sure which is more difficult to deal with…

    • Yeah, that’s Jasper’s problem. Every new person is his very best friend, and he just has to say hello—a lot. It’s probably a little (or maybe a lot) easier with Daisy, who is much smaller than my Jasper, who weighs about 60 pounds.

  2. The boys get overexcited when we have guests. My manx cat would disappear when anyone that wasn’t “fully vetted” came over too. He was like Houdini. I enjoyed this post because it made me think of him and smile. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Exactly! That “fully vetted” concept! If you’re around for awhile, eventually Calvin may come out and inspect you, and after days (or weeks or multiple visits), you may actually make it on the list. I’m glad we made you smile. I hadn’t heard of your Manx before; my mom had a Manx and she was a great cat.

  3. Calvin, we can so relate. When strangers come into our house, we usually make a bee-line under the bed. Even tuna can’t get us to come out.

  4. Truffle tends to get that way if strangers are in the house. She won’t even come out for her freeze-dried chicken treats, which she loves.

    • That’s why I tell people I have four cats but you wouldn’t know that if you visited. You’ll definitely see one (Athena) and possibly two more at dinner time (Dawn and Elsa Clair), but Calvin? He stays hid. He does not like new people.

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