Text from Cat: I could make it there

Text from Cat: I could make it on the outside: Me: No laps. No heaters. Cat: Who needs artisanal chipmunk anyway?

Our indoor cats stare wistfully through the windows of our house, imagining the great hunters they would be if I only let them outside. Creatures of comfort, I doubt they’d last more than a few minutes, what with the lack of laps, the absence of heating vents, and the possibility of rain — or even dewy grass.

Elsa Clair is truly a good hunter. The  other night she caught a mouse in our finished basement. The poor thing was still alive; my sweet kitty dropped the creature, let it run a foot or two, and pounced it again to show me her prowess with the mow-ess. Then she brought it right up to me and dropped it at my feet, a magnanimouse gift.

The cat was stunned when, instead of pouncing the mouse myself, I scooped her up and carried her away from her prey, while she watched over my shoulder as it scurried under the couch. She spent the next few hours telling me in great detail that surely I made a mistake, there was still a mouse on the loose, it must be caught, and though she still loves me and might forgive me for my actions, she would never present me with a precious gift like that again. Now could I please open the door and let her back in the basement?

We set a live mouse trap, baited it with peanut butter, and set the little rodent free in the woods behind our home.

I think Elsa Clair is still looking for it.

Do your pets hunt?

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  1. Daisy says:

    Haha Elsa Clair was proving her mousing skills, but I’m really glad you saved the poor little fella. Daisy IS prey, it seems – we’ve had an experience where a hawk began a swoop toward her while she was on leash, not more than 2 feet from me, and I picked her up fast and the hawk flew away. Daisy is a runner, not a hunter!

  2. I often wonder what Lola and Lexy would do if they got their paws on a live mouse. They are quite the huntresses when it comes to bugs.

    • Oh yes! Elsa Clair is a phenomenal bug hunter. The mouse was quite the thing. She hunted it, caught it, ran around with it, let it go and did it all again. Then, when I followed her to the basement, she ran up to me so proud that she had caught it and dropped it at my feet. I felt so bad that I took her away from it. But no creature needs to suffer. So she had to take one for the team.

  3. Oh Elsa Clair, they took your toy away from you.

  4. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should or have to!

  5. Ruby says:

    Wells, I guess Elsa Clair you don’t knows the terrier trick of shaky-shaky of the rodents! This, my dear, will ensure the death of all rats, mousies or any critter with a tail. THEN, and ONLY then, do you present your gift to your peeps. NOT before, or as you have learned, they turn KERAZY and set it free! now bugs, that is super duper funs, and the peeps usually don’t have a problem with you playin’ with your food. Unless it’s a big juicy beetle, then all bets are off apparently….
    Ruby ♥

    • Yeah, well, all my dogs know the shaky-shaky trick, though only Tucker (our honorary Airedale) and Jasper have applied it in the wild with real animals instead of toy stuffies. Successfully I might add. Several times. It is why I leash my dogs in our fenced-in back yard, until we’ve walked through it and scared away all the fun toys creatures who my dogs would love to chase and play with.

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