Text from Cat: All of the above

Text from cat: I'm not happy. You should know why. Me: Ok. Let me guess. One of the other cats is in your space. Nobody is providing lap. Dinner is late. All of the above? Cat: Bingo.

Cats are masters of Resting Angry Face. And since they only speak Feline and aren’t inclined to translate, one is often left trying to guess a) if they’re actually disgruntled and b) if they are disgruntled, what is the source of the disgruntelation.

Sometimes it’s one thing. Sometimes it’s a list of things. Sometimes, you’ll never know.

Though some chin scratchies, a couple treats or a distracting toy mouse may dis-disgruntle (undisgruntle? re-gruntle?) the cat.

And all will be right with the world. For now.

What makes your pet happy?

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  1. Daisy says:

    LOL Wow that is a serious message in Dawn’s expression! What a great photo!

  2. Those are all good reasons to be unhappy!

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