Text From Dog: One Step Ahead

#TextFromDog I think Calvin's plotting something. Me: Really? Like what? Dog: He wants to steal my monkey. But he'll never get it. Because I'm one step ahead of him. Me: That so? Dog: He's right behind me, isn't he?

Tucker always wants the best toy. Though “best toy” may be described as the one he has at the current moment, or the one that another dog has that should probably be his, or perhaps the toy that another dog wants but doesn’t have and therefore should be Tucker’s.

When you add cats into the equation, the calculations get more complex. Because Tucker does not speak Cat fluently, he doesn’t understand his feline brother and sisters. And because he doesn’t understand them, he doesn’t trust them. They could be plotting something.

Come to think of it, that’s a lot like us humans. If we don’t understand someone, we sometimes distrust them. The difference is, we can reason, and discuss, and learn, and get past our misunderstanding. If we try.

And that’s where my dogs and cats can teach us a thing or two or three. They always try. They always hope. Even though they are different species who speak wildly different languages, they have learned—and continue to learn—how to get along.

What lessons do you learn from your pets?

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