Text from Dog: Can I come?

Text from Dog: Can I come? Text from me: How do you know I'm going anywhere? Dog: Heard your keys.

They always know, don’t they? You simply cannot sneak out of the house when you have a dog.

It’s the keys. The closet door. Picking up your wallet. Putting on makeup. Grabbing your briefcase.

Dogs are keen observers, and they remember patterns. They know you are leaving. Possibly forever. You may never come back. Who will play with them? Who will feed them? What will become of them?

The look says it. The tilty head, the perked ears. And oh, the sad eyes.

Maybe this once, you’ll take him with you. Please?

When you live with a dog, you can never leave the house without a twinge of guilt. [Tweet]

What do you think gives your dog the clue that you’re leaving.

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7 Comments on "Text from Dog: Can I come?"

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  1. if my mom takes her bag, I know she will disappear for a while… and it works not to eat her bag… she sadly has more than one :o)

  2. jan says:

    My dogs also know when I am expecting company. I must give clues I’m not aware of.

  3. Wow, dogs are kinda psychic…like us cats!

  4. Emma says:

    We know and we also know if we are going along or not by the tone of voice, clothing, time of day, etc.

  5. Ruby says:

    OMD, it’s the shoes. If she takes of her tennies, then I KNOWS she’s leavin’ in MY car!!!
    Then i bark my disapproval, and sulk with a bully.
    Ruby ♥

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