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25 Ways My Dogs Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Week 2016 Promoting Literacy

Time to celebrate National Dog Week!

“National Dog Week was started not to bring more dogs into the world but to make humans more responsible for the ones that are already here. It is a time for a collective national reflection on the roles dogs have played in our lives and to give them the honor they deserve.”

— Lisa Begin Kruysman, author of Dog’s Best Friend, the story of Captain Wm. Lewis Judy

In 1928, Captain William Lewis Judy, publisher of Dog World Magazine, and lover of all things dog, suggested a weeklong appreciation of dogs. Captain Judy was my kind of guy, famously known for saying, “Don’t call a man a dog. It’s unfair to the dog.”


Each year, a different aspect of the human-dog bond was featured, such as dogs’ roles in the military and policy, the connection between people and their dogs, or the importance of finding homes for all dogs.

Unfortunately, over the years, National Dog Week slipped from our calendars, until it was revived in 1960 by Captain Arthur J. Haggerty, and most recently by Lisa Begin Kruysman, who runs the official National Dog Week Facebook page.

This year’s theme is “Readers Unleashed: Promoting Literacy with K-9s.”

Though my dogs do write haiku, they’re not the best readers. And while it’s on our to-do list, we haven’t yet trained everyone to participate in a library reading program, like the dogs that volunteer at New Jersey’s Burlington County Library.  We’re also fans of the Humane Society of Missouri who recruit youngsters to read to  shelter dogs as a way of building trust in the animals and inspiring empathy in the children.

Thus, my dogs will honor National Dog Week in their own canine ways. And I’ll be there to celebrate with them.

Here’s a list of what Lilah, Jasper and Tucker will do for National Dog Week:

1) Sleep in.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 1) Sleep in.

“What? No breakfast in bed?”


2) Go for  walk…

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 2) Go for a walk.

“Can we stop at my favorite fire hydrant?”


3) …or a run…

Celebrate National Dog Day by running

“Tucker, you almost missed that turn!”


4) …or maybe go climbing.

Tucker wishes he could climb a tree to get the squirrel

“I should have brought better gear. Like thumbs.”

5) Fly someplace.

Tucker catches a ball mid-flight.

“Who needs a plane?”

6) Or just stay home and be a couch potato.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 4) Be a couch potato.

“It’s nice to put my feet up and relax.”


7) Catch some rays in the yard.

Jasper, Tucker and Lilah catch some rays in the backyard.

“Did anyone remember to bring the drinks?”

8) Watch something on the high-def 3D TV.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 5) Watch something on the high-def 3D TV

“Should we watch Mad Wren or Breaking Birdfeeders?”


9) Curl up with a good book.

Jasper reads about Abe Lincoln's Dog in the book Abe & FIdo

“I like a physical book; it smells better than a Kindle.”

10) Plan some fun activities.

14 ways dogs can celebrate National Dog Day 6) Hang out with pals.

“You run around the back, I”ll take the flank, and we’ll get that squirrel!”


11) Like races…

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah

Not fair! Tucker got a head start!

12) Play some pool.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day:  7) Play some pool.

“8 ball in the corner pocket. Wait a minute; where are the corners?”


13) Put on some rock and roll…

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 8) Put on some rock and roll.

“My favorite? Who Let the Dogs Out?”


14) …and get down!

Tucker rolls in a dead worm

“Anyone know how to do The Worm?”

15) Find some quiet time to reflect…

Jasper ponders the world

Omm. Nom. Nom. Bone.


16) …or practice yoga.

Downward facing dog.

You could call it “Downward Facing Dog.” I call it, Looking For The Chipmunk.

17) Invite friends over.

They're here!

They’re here!

18) Have a traditional meal.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 9) Have friends over for dinner.

On the menu: turkey, chicken, beef, with an after-dinner bone, and some treats for dessert.


19) …and in the spirit of the holiday, invite that one friend who wouldn’t normally celebrate.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 10) Be nice to everyone: even that weird dog with the sharp edges who says "Meow."

“She’s a little weird, but it’s the Dog thing to do.”


20) Take a nap.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 11) Take a nap.

“Wake me up when the party gets started.”


21) Dress up

Looking pretty!

Looking pretty!

22) Go out drinking.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 12) Go out drinking.

“I told you we didn’t need a keg.”


23) If you drink too much, shake it off.

Lilah the dog shakes it off

“Who cares about a little moisture during National Dog Week?”

24) Stay up late.

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 13) Stay up late.

“I’m gonna party ’til dawn.”


25) Have a ball!

14 Things to Do on National Dog Day: 14) Have a ball!

Wishing you the best National Dog Day ever!

Actually, I think that’s how my dogs celebrate every day.

How are you and your pets celebrating National Dog Week?

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  1. Love how you truly captured the serious, silly and soulful spirit of this holiday. Thank you!

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    awesum post two day guz…..we N joyed it..well….knot sew much de part bout eatin BURD for dinner ~~~~~~~ happee dawg week two ewe all ! ♥♥♥

  3. Robin says:

    Your dogs sure know how to celebrate! It is easy to see that they are happy with their lives. 🙂 I love that the cats are even helping them to celebrate!

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Such a lovely post! We love your photographs and descriptions. Your dogs sure do know how to celebrate!

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