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Dawn’s View

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All Clear

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Tear Down That Wall

Tear Down That Wall

Ever since we moved into our house seven years ago, I have wanted to renovate our kitchen. The walls, floor and countertops are so neutral that their very blandness offends. Dark-stained trim invades the room, outlining the ceiling, the soffit, the doors, and bisects the walls in the form of a chair rail. The overall […]

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Story: Swimming in it

Story: Swimming in it

Some dogs like to cool off in the kiddie pool. Other don’t even want to get their feet wet.

Dawn Hides

Do You Want to Play a Game?


Goin’ for a Ride

Goin’ for a Ride

“Want to go for a Ride?” Like most dogs, my three consider that an invitation to a whole bunch of fun. It doesn’t even matter where we’re going; it’s the Ride that counts. Each of the pups has a different way to approach their car rides. What’s funny is that not a one of them […]


A Touching Moment