Photo: Cat imitating art

Wordless Wednesday

You’ve heard of life imitating art? How about cats imitating art?

Case in point:

Reclining Woman by John Maler Collier:

Reclining Woman by John Collier (Available via public domain)

Reclining Woman by John Collier (Available via public domain)

Reclining Kitty, by Susan C. Willett

Cat imitates art

Reclining Kitty by Susan C. Willett (Available by permission from Athena)

You may have seen the Buzzfeed post featuring other cats imitating famous pieces of art. I think Athena fits right in there with the best of them, don’t you?

Not only that, but I can almost hear her say that oft-quoted  line from the movie Titanic: “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

I had to look that line up to make sure I got it right. Because I wasn’t sure if it was “Draw me” or “Paint me.”

Which was how I stumbled on a meme I didn’t know about:

Draw me like one of your French cats.

I guess Athena’s not alone in her elegant posing.


What about your pets? Do you ever catch them in interesting positions?


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25 Comments on "Photo: Cat imitating art"

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  1. We like the cat version best:)

  2. Kitties Blue says:

    She is so elegant, and her furs are so lovely. She does that pose much better than the human model. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. HILARIOUS! Love this!

  4. Great Graceful pose. Love the way she position her paws. Happy Wednesday. Golden Woofs

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    high paws N headbonks….ow…athena !!! we loves thiz !! ♥♥

  6. easy rider says:

    Athena I bet even that Mr. Pawcasso would like to paint you instead of any lady :O)

  7. slimdoggy says:

    I think Athena has the pose perfectly. Maggie sleeps on her back all the time and something get’s in some very contorted arrangements.

  8. I think Athena has the pose purr-fected!

  9. Athena is worth painting. 🙂

  10. You’ll have to get someone to paint her in that pose!

  11. Emma says:

    That’s funny!

  12. meowmeowmans says:

    Ooh la la! Looking tres chic, Athena! 🙂

  13. Athena, you truly are a work of art!

  14. Now that is pretty impressive!

  15. Dawn says:

    😀 I wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked the link, but the cat photo really surprised me. I laughed so loud my husband came down from upstairs to see what I was going on.

  16. Robin says:

    Athena would make a purrfect piece of art! My kitties do pose from time to time, but their poses often just look silly. I love that they make me laugh 🙂

  17. Sandy says:

    Love that – Athena is really something!

  18. aahahahaha! Athena, you are too funny. We like your picture better than the original!

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